Stock Rear Axle

Stock Rear Axle

The hollow rear axle is 960mm in length and 35mm in diameter

Stock Rear Bearing

It runs on a pair of Kelgate bearings bolted each end to the outside of the chassis rails

As it currently sits it is the wrong way round, brakes on the left / sprocket carrier on the right (looking from rear to front)

Drive from the engine comes from the left hand side of the gearbox so the axle, brakes and rear sprocket / carrier will have to be reversed

There will also be an extra bearing mounted in the centre of the axle to prevent 'Axle Whip'

Axle Whip occurs when the chain pulls the axle forward causing the chain to slacken and jump the sprocket teeth

This causes chatter and damage to both the chain and the rear sprocket

Not good!

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