B12 - Donor Bike

Having decided to go with a Suzuki B12 Bandit over a GSX-R1100, for reasons of price and availability, the next step was to cost everything out.

It soon became apparent that buying a bare engine and then the ancillaries was going to cost more than a complete bike so a 1997 GSF1200 Bandit with 35k on the clock was purchased on 5th of May 2013 for the bargain price of £880

The engine, carbs, exhaust, oil cooler, loom, brain and coils were retained

Bandit Drag Kart - Donor Bike

The rest was sold on eBay and the Bandit Forum

Petrol Tank + Front Brake Calipers: £100 + £25 p&p (Bandit Forum)

Frame + Swingarm + Levers: £170 (eBay)

Handlebar Risers: £15 + £5 (eBay)

Handlebar Switches: £31 (eBay)

Rear Brake Pedal: £25 (eBay)

Seat: £50 + £15 p&p (eBay)

Front Forks: £102 (eBay)

Rear Wheel: £56 (eBay)

Rear Shock: £30 (eBay)

Clocks: £50 (eBay)

Yolks: £30 (eBay)

Bike cost £880

Parts raised £679 pounds

Minus £45 eBay fees

Engine and ancillaries finally stand me in just over £250 so well worth the effort!

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