Suzuki GSX-R1216 Drag Kart



This site chronicles the construction / progress of a Suzuki GSX-R1216 drag kart built specifically for drag racing in the UK

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Due to their abundance and relatively low second hand price the original plan was to use a Suzuki Bandit B12 engine. However rather than buy just the engine, it became apparent that the most cost effective route was to buy a donor bike, strip out the engine and ancillary equipment and sell off the rest to help finance the build

But before construction began a 92 / 93 air cooled Wiseco 1216cc Big Bore GSX-R1100 came along at the right price and it was decided to use that instead. Consequently the website URL no longer matches the current power plant but we have retained the B12 content within the site as we feel it might prove useful for someone on a budget build

This drag kart is based upon a PVP 250cc Superkart gearbox chassis, is owned and driven by Wayne Turner of Wisbech Cambridgeshire and was built by Scott Cooper of Coopers Automotive, Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire

Website built by Johnny Mo who in 1997 built a Yamaha FJ1200 drag kart now owned and raced by Lee Capaldi from Bristol and running a more powerful Kawasaki ZX12 lump

More info on the FJ1200 drag kart can be found on John's site at Jomo’s World / Drag Karts

Our intention is to make this site the most comprehensive guide for building a drag kart and hope it is of immense value to anyone contemplating getting involved in this category of drag racing 

Further info on the sport can also be found on Facebook at UK Drag Karts


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